Part 3, Portrait and Figure Drawing the human figure




I didn’t have a model for this so used an online resource for my sketching.  I had to work quite quickly and look at the shapes measuring out the length using the head as around a 7th of the whole person.  My model was to be drawn from various angles.  I chose different models to draw and also feet and hands I am really not good at drawing people, so I did a number of sketches. I also looked at ways of getting the persons proportions with greater accuracy. For this I not only used heads but lines marking the half way point and the head and the feet, then each section.  I definitely need more practice drawing people, however I can see an improvement from drawing one. My figures show a greater flow within the shapes and I am getting the sizes much better. I also tried drawing figures 8 head high to see what the difference is and find somewhere between the two looks best.



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