Cornwall Visit

I love Cornwall and its concentration of artists and art. St Ives is one of my favourite places though I have yet to go to the Tate itself. I always have the Mutt in tow and our furry friends are not allowed in, however Falmouth Art Gallery is always a joy to visit and although this time I wasn’t a fan of the abstract paintings hung by Winifred Nicholson it was a very interesting exhibition as I am interested in texture and brushstrokes fall within that category. There was less texture to the paintings than I would like to practice it was a learning curve as to how brushstrokes play a great part in a painting. They can show texture and movement their placement altering the light as you walk around the painting. I enjoy the colours of Potted Flowers, Prismatic No.2 1978. It was said Winifred Nicholson was inspired by looking through a Prism and seeing the colours, I feel this can be seen in Potted Flowers and Sunroom 1980 whose brushstrokes give texture and look like they have be dashed on with a large brush. I bought a book called Effortless Brushstrokes at Falmouth Gallery which is a lovely little book with paintings from a number of artists who are masters at the expert ease of their work.

I am happy to say among many studios, I also visited Whites Old Workshop in St Ives, and took time to look in at Hani Mroz’s new work, she works with Mixed Media, her work has movement and life and although more abstract than I, the texture and tactile look draws me to her paintings each time I visit.

Also, Jenny Hirsts work at Porthminster Gallery St Ives who likes to add texture into her work with collage, rubbing and scraping of paint. The emotion within the picture is palpable her work hold emotion and movement. The picture of St Ives is beautiful.


St Agnes Little Feathers Gallery is the place to see an artist called Gary Hall, he works in Acrylic and the one thing I learnt from his paintings is that fine detail can be achieved with the paint. I have only just started using it and have had great difficulty in getting a fine mark. Not so for Gary his work is very detailed the tiniest of marks are accurately placed to produce a realistic style of work.




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