Basic Paint Application-Painting with Pastels




pastel 1


For this exercise I was to try an exercise with pastels if I had them. Pastels are both drawing and a painting medium, and nowadays are used more in the latter category. The application of oil pastel and soft pastel is very different, particularly in relation to painting:

Oil pastel is usually used with turps and can be used to layer and blend.

Soft pastel picks up the tooth of the support and can be blended with paint using a damp cloth or brush and water scumbling techniques.

Large areas can be covered with the side of a stick, lay one colour over the other and blend colours and tones. The points can be used for linear details.

I was to practise making marks and blending with pastels and if I had time make a simple picture.

I had some old oil sticks which I had never  used and about 6 water soluble colours, but no turps.

A few techniques were attempted using sticks in various ways, making a number of marks using the point and the side of the sticks and blending with various methods, fingers, kitchen roll, baby oil (no turps), and water which I blended the water soluble crayons with. I also drew two rough pictures using just about all the above. The one thing I found was finer work without adapting the sticks or using turps was difficult and it made me use it vary lose in application.

I didn’t use chalk pastels as they are something I have used a lot in Drawing 1 so I wanted to try out the oil crayons as they were new to me and I wanted to try out using them. They are a lot more versatile than I realised, so will attempt using them again in the future.


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