Basic Paint Application – Applying paint without brushes

paint wob 1
Application with palette knives, credit card, nail sharpener, bottle top and ordinary knife.


paint wob2
Application with, sponge, cloth, fingers, small brush and bubble wrap.

For this exercise I had to try out various ways of applying paint. I chose to use acrylic paint, in part because it dries quickly and secondly I couldn’t afford oil paint as well. Watercolour would not work well with the criteria given.

Experimenting with technique and mark was great fun and gave a great awareness of the use and ways of applying paint in order to gain a specific look. Some of the thicker applications were Impasto and the texture could add something to the detail. One thing I was really taken by was the way a thin application of paint could glow on the paper the pigment pure, a second application of a thin colour would show the one underneath altering the top hue.

White made everything opaque and it was obvious at this stage to use the paint effectively it would take a lot of experimenting. It was also fun to put a base colour under an opaque one then scrape of the top to expose the colour beneath. I think experimenting with its use could take a lifetime of knowledge before you could become an expert.


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